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Russian Battleships
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Russian battleships:


 SQUADRON BATTLESHIP TWELVE APOSTLES   It is laid in 1889 on by Nikolayevsk the admiralty, on 13 September, 1890, it is gone down to the water and in 1892 entered the system. Until 13 February, 1892, it counted by armored ship. During April 1907 it is brought out from the fighting strength of fleet, it is disarmed and in 1912 re-equipped into the " blockship?8 ". From the spring 1918 it was found on the storage in the Sevastopol military port, and in 1922 it was selected to the metal.

Photos of "Twelve Apostles"


Technical characteristics

Displacement 8438 t.
It is long 104,2 m.
Width 18,3 m.
Sagging 8,8 m.
Power of the mechanisms 8758 hp.
Running speed 15,7 knots
Cruising range 1500 miles (by 10- main motion)
Armoring from 203 to 356 mm
The crew 599 people


305- mm 4
152- mm 4
63- mm 2
47- mm 12
37- mm 14
The torpedo tubes 6

Photos of battleships:

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