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Russian Battleships
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BATTLESHIP GANGUT   It is laid in 1909 on the new admiralty in Petersburg, on 7 October, 1911, it is gone down to the water and in 1914 entered the system. During October 1915 aboard the ship the revolutionary appearance of sailors occurred. It participated in the First World War, the February bourgeoise democratic revolution and the civil war. During April 1918 to the composition of the first detachment it from Helsingfors to Kronstadt. From October 1918 through 1925 it is suitable storage. During June 1925 it is renamed into the " October Revolution ". Was accepted participation in Soviet-Finnish war and World War II. On 22 July, 1944, it is rewarded with the Order of the Red Banner. In 1956 it is excluded from the lists of fleet.

Photos of "Gangut"


Technical characteristics

Displacement 23000 t.
It is long 181,2 m.
Width 26,0 m.
Sagging 8,4 m.
Power of the power plant 42000 hp.
Running speed 23 knots
Cruising range 1625 miles
the crew 1126 people


305- mm 12
120- mm 16
47- mm 4
The torpedo tubes 4

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