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BATTLESHIP EMPEROR ALEXANDER III (1911)It is put at factory "Russud" in Nikolaev, it is floated on April, 2nd, 1914, has become operational on June, 15th, 1917. On December, 16th, 1917 was a part of Red Black Sea fleet. On April, 30th, 1918 has decreased from Sevastopol to Novorossisk, but on June, 19th, 1918 again has returned to Sevastopol where has been grasped by the German armies and on October, 1st, 1918 it is included in structure of their Naval Forces on Black sea. On November, 24th, 1918 it is grasped at Germans by the English-French interventionists and Izmir on sea of Marmara is soon withdrawn in port. Since October, 1919 was a part of White Guard naval forces of the South of Russia, 14 November 1920 led away Wrangel during the evacuation from Sevastopol to Istanbul and on December, 29th, 1920 (Tunis) is interned by the French authorities in Bizerte. On October, 29th, 1924 it is recognized by the government of France the property of the USSR, but because of a difficult international situation hasn't been returned. It is in the late twenties sold by "Rudmetalltorgom" to the French private concern on demolition and in 1936 it is cut in Brest (France) on metal.

Photos of "Emperor Alexander the third"

Emperor Alexander the third Emperor Alexander the third

Technical characteristics

Displacement23400 tons
Length168 m.
Width27,4 m.
Reservations - Zone Krupp armor262,5 mm
Reservation - a true zone75-100 mm
Reservations - Tower of the main fireот 125 - 250 mm
Reservations - conning tower100-254 mm
Reservations - Deck12-50 mm
Reservations - bevels25-50 mm
4 Parsons turbine28957 hp
Speed21 knots
Cruising range at 12 knots1400 miles
Crew32 officers and 1158 the lower ranks


The underwater torpedo tubes 457 mm4

Photos of battleships:

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