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Russian Battleships
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Russian battleships:


BATTLESHIP EMPEROR NIKOLAY THE FIRSTIt is put on June, 9th, 1914 (officially on April, 15th, 1915) at factory "Naval" in Nikolaev and on July, 2nd, 1915 it is enlisted in lists of courts of the Black Sea fleet, it is floated on October, 5th, 1916, but on October, 11th, 1917 in connection with small degree of readiness of arms, mechanisms and the equipment it is removed from building and it is put in storage. In June, 1918 has been grasped by the German armies and on October, 1st, 1918 it is included in structure of their fleet on Black sea. Germans planned to use the ship as base for seaplanes, but in the absence of staff these plans have refused. After clearing of Nikolaev by Red Army a battleship in storage. On April, 11th, 1927 "Sevmorzavod" on demolition is sold and on June, 28th, 1927 is sent on a tow from Nikolaev to Sevastopol for cutting on metal.

Technical characteristics

Displacement27300 tons
Length188 m.
Width9,4 m.
Sagging9 m.
Speed21 knots
Power mechanisms29700 hp
Crew1266 men


1022 mm8
64 mm4
Underwater torpedo tubes , 457 mm4

Photos of battleships:

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