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Russian Battleships
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Russian battleships:


SQUADRON BATTLESHIP PETROPAVLOVSK   It is laid in 1892 on the galery islet in Petersburg, it is gone down to the water on 9 January, 1894, and in 1897 entered the system. It participated in the defense of Port Arthur in the period of Russo-Japanese war. Camber on 13 April, 1904, on leaving to the outer roadstead of Port Arthur, after blowing up on the enemy mine of barrage. Together with the ship perished the commanding of sea forces on Pacific Ocean outstanding Russian naval commander and the scientific Vice Admiral S.O. Makarov and the well-known artist- battle-painter V.V. Vereshchagin. Sister ships: "Poltava" and "Sevastopol".

Photos of "Petropavlovsk"


Technical characteristics

Displacement 11354 t.
It is long 114,3 m.
Width 21,3 m.
Sagging 7,8 m.
Capacity of steam engine 11213 hp.
Running speed 16,86 knots
Cruising range 4500 miles
the crew 633 people


305- mm 4
152- mm 12
63- mm 2
47- mm 10
37- mm 28
The above-water torpedo tubes 4
Underwater torpedo tubes 2

Photos of battleships:

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